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URL Tracker – What it is and how it works

Tracking your advertising results and actions is essential for your success.

What is a tracker: is a web tool that measures your advertising results. Allows you to see the amount of traffic send to the link you promote, how many visitors, how many clicked your link, where your link was displayed and where wasn`t displayed, even you submitted it for advertising, the geo location, the target niche, the age and the sex of the people interested in your promotion.

How to use it: submit your url and will result usually a shorter url that is a tracked one. Use that tracked link in your advertising instead of the original url. It  will give you all the data provided by that tracker service.

Here is Why Tracking your advertising results is essential.

You must and need to know which advertising campaign is bringing real results, where to advertise and where not to advertise. Because you don`t want to waste time, efforts and money( if you use paid advertising).

But is a big difference and everyone should know it. You`ll hear every where that you should track, but what you really need to know is : not only the quantity of traffic generated and sent to your promotion campaign but the actions and results. Then you`ll know how effective your campaign is.

Thus the use of a tracker is very important when will tell you, more data than the number of hits or views. That may be less relevant. You need to know, how many  people clicked your link ad saw your site, opened your email and accessed your link with your offer. Where the sign ups are coming from.
– use trackers that will give you specific details for your campaign advertising not only hits received
– be aware that if you promote and affiliate page, you need to track it even that company has a tracked link in he sign up form, because if you don`t track it by yourself you will never see the results.
– track it even if you build your own page! Because the autoresponders tracking code, in the sign up form you`ll generate for your page, will not give you the same specific details you need to know and a good tracker service will give you.

All In One Profits – AIOP Tracker  is an excellent one because it gives you details for :
– geo lcation,
– amount of views received in days, weeks, month, total,
– total and raw hits,
– all the places where you submitted your advertising
– all the places where your traffic is coming from,
– the number of clicks on your link received at each advertising place,
– even the name of the user who clicked your link.

On top of all, will display and elegant link, not a xtrckzsd  or something alike but a link as this
for instance:  which is the tracked  link for AIOP ad co-op rotator for Pro level.


URL Rotator – what it is and how it works

A URL rotator (links rotator) is a web tool. Using it, you can promote all of your personal websites along with all of your affiliate program URLs from sending all of your traffic to just 1 URL.The rotator system uses the same link or URL to send the visitor to different URL addresses you want to promote.

The main function of a rotator is to display a different web page from a selection, each time a certain URL is loaded in a web page.

Simply said, if you want to promote more than 1 link(website or page) , 2, 3 or more, and you don`t have time or resources to promote them individualy, then you can use a link(url) rotator. Put your all url-s you want to promote and then advertise only the Rotator URL that results.

The main setting used is randomly showing each website in the rotator, to ensure the traffic is divided  equally and automatic sent to each url contained by the rotator.

Many people may have no need for a rotator. However, in the context of advertising, a rotator canbe an extremely useful tool for  Single user promoting multiple sites,  as well as for Advertising co-op.

Advantages of using a rotator:

* Easily remove/switch to different sites

if you have  multiple pages to promote, let`s say for affiliate products  and if a product or a website disappears for some reason, or you just decide not to promote anymore that website, it’s much easier to just go to your Rotator and remove the URL you don`t want to advertise anymore, from your Rotator, than to have to go to all the different traffic sources where you use to advertise your businesess and changing/removing from there.

*Everytime someone visits your personal rotator URL, they will be directed to one of your submitted websites or affiliate programs.You can see thisbut testing your url rotator, every time you click on it, will display  a different one of your websites or affiliate programs, you have submitted in the  rotator.


– there are advertising places where you are not allowed to submit an url rotator. Usually they mention this when you add your sites url to their sites or on their FAQ or Terms sections.

– if you put a rotator url  in an other rotator, will double redirect and some advertising places will notapprove, or will take more time to sites loading due to redirection.


–  include any adult content, illegal content, racist and discriminatory content
–  Include in a rotator sites with viruses, bugs, malware.  Always check and clean using
an antivirus adn an antimalware tool. Most of them have free versions but worth upgrading.

All In One Profits offers an url rotator as part of the services, that can be accessed from members back office. I will randomly display the url-s submitted. The number of the url submitted are different accordingly to the affiliate level.